Princess Peach
Princess Peach as she appears as a decal in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
First appearance

Super Mario Bros.

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voice actor(s)
Biographical overview

Mushroom Kingdom

Physical description






Color scheme

Pink and hot pink








Pink dress with long white gloves.

Alignment and character traits


Skills, abilities and powers
  • Parasol/golf club/fan/crown skills
  • Mid-air floating
  • Psych bomb
  • 180 degree high kick
  • Heart powers (eg. healing, countering, attacking, levitation)
  • Vibe abilities (eg. rage = fire, joy = flying)
  • Olympic events
  • Peach Blossom
Ability type


Template:Nihongo is the beautiful and graceful princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She is often kidnapped by Bowser and is always rescued by Mario. She has also helped Mario save the world a few times and even starred in her own game where she rescues Mario, Luigi, Toad and the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser. She has appeared in a few games alongside Sonic the Hedgehog. The first game to feature these two together was Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. She later appeared in other crossover titles with Sonic. She seems to have good relations with Blaze, Amy, and especially her best friend Daisy.

Game appearancesEdit

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic GamesEdit

Peach made her first appearance in the Sonic series when she was featured in the game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. She appeared as a skill character along with Waluigi, Tails and Dr. Eggman. In the opening for the game she is seen running on the 100m dash along with other major Mario and Sonic characters. She is later seen in the swimming event. In mission mode, she shares a rivalry with Amy.

Name Skill Type Stats Flag
Princess Peach Skill 150px File:MyS emblem Peach.jpg

Peach has missions in both Wii and DS version.

Wii version missions:

  • Finish with a time between 3:20 and 3:29 in 4X100m relay
  • Do 3 successful yell throws in Hammer throw
  • do 10 successful rowing acceleration (3 notes) in single sculls
  • Finish 1st when you have no stamina in 400m
  • Shoot 5 point circle within 2 attempts in archery
  • perform 10 difficult moves in trampoline

Super Smash Bros. BrawlEdit

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Peach has average speed, strong aerial moves, decent horizontal recovery, but weak ground based moves. She has a strong up smash but a weak but damage racking down smash both involving her twirling her hand raised and dress like a blade respectively. Her forward smash consist of three different items(cast iron pan, tennis racket, and golf club) which all varies by damage, range, and knock-back. Her standard special move was Toad; if one was to hit him, the damage would deflect onto the opponent. Her side special move was the Peach Bomber. In this move, she would use her rear end to smash into the opponent causing an explosion of hearts. Her up special move was Peach pulling out a parasol and floating gently down with it. Her down special move is where Peach can pull a vegetable from the ground and throw it at opponents. This move caused little damage, however, there is a slim chance Peach can pull a vegetable with a different expression on it's face and it deals a lot of more damage.

Special MovesEdit

Neutral Special - Toad

Automatically launches a counterattack if an enemy hits Toad.

Side Special: - Peach Bomber

Scores heavy damage while dashing forward.

Up Special: - Peach Parasol

Glide gracefully through the sky by umbrella. Good for recovery.

Down Special: - Vegetable

Pluck a veggie and carry it until you're ready to throw it.

Final Smash: - Peach Blossom

Pull foes into Peach's world where they fall asleep. The closer they are to Peach, the deeper their slumber. Eat the fallen peaches to recover damage.


Name Image Game Description
Peach 90px
  • NES - Super Mario Bros.
  • NDS - Super Princess Peach
The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. Her long blonde hair is a perfect match for her pink dress. Regardless of the number of Toad retainers she has, she's often kidnapped by Bowser. Though she's usually the damsel in distress, she got a starring role in Super Princess Peach, where it was her turn to rescue Mario and Luigi.
Peach Blossom 90px
  • Wii - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Peach's Final Smash. Images of the princess border of the screen and a rain of peaches falls. While this is happening, all the other characters fall asleep. So, Peach's dilemma is this—does she eat the peaches to lower her damage, or does she smack around her dozing enemies? Take stock of the situation and choose the path that leads to victory.
Paper Peach 90px
  • Wii - Super Paper Mario
The Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. With her sparkling crown and gorgeous blonde hair, Peach always looks the part, even when flat as paper. Count Bleck kidnaps her and tries to force her to marry Bowser. While jumping, Peach can use a special umbrella technique that allows her to float down gently or reach otherwise inaccessible places.
Wedding Peach 90px
  • Wii - Super Paper Mario
The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom adorned in a pure white wedding dress rather than her usual pink one. Peach also has her long, blond hair drawn up in a ponytail. And who might she be marrying? Bowser of all people, who was also forced into the marriage by the scandalous Count Bleck. Brainwashed by Nastasia, Peach is even forced into giving her vows.
Baby Peach 90px
  • NDS - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
  • NDS - Yoshi's Island DS
Princess Peach as a baby with a pink pacifier. Even though she's an infant, she wears her crown with all the charm and elegance you would expect from a princess. In Yoshi's Island DS, she rode out for adventure just like Baby Mario—on Yoshi's back. While riding Yoshi, she can use her parasol to extend their hang time.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter GamesEdit

Peach's third appearance with Sonic was in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. She appeared as a skill character like the other skill characters from the past game with a new edition to the group being Silver the Hedgehog. Her rival in mission mode was still Amy. Peach, however, got a new winter outfit like the other girls in this game. This outfit was a mini pink dress with magenta sleeves and leggings. In the Nintendo DS version's Adventure Tour, Peach will join Mario and Sonic if they beat her in a Snowball Machine match.

Icon Name Ability Type Wii Stats DS Stats Special Emblem
70px Peach Skill 145px 145px Mid-Air Float File:Peach flag.jpg

Similarities between Peach and Amy RoseEdit

Similarity Amy Peach
Both were absent in the first game of their series Did not appear until Sonic the Hedgehog CD. Did not appear until Super Mario Bros.
Both are interested in the star romantically Sonic Mario
Both have been kidnapped by the enemy in their debut. Metal Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog CD Bowser in Super Mario Bros.
Both have a high amount of pink in their color scheme. Her fur Her dress
Both have close relationships with another female. Cream the Rabbit Princess Daisy
Both use tough objects as weapons Piko Piko Hammer Frying pans, golf clubs, etc.
Both are the main female of their series. Sonic series Mario series


  • "Peach!" - When you select her in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic/Winter Games
  • "Oh, did I win?" - When Peach wins a round
  • "Oh, I lost." - When Peach loses a round
  • "Ooh! Next time, it's mine!" - When Peach is in 2nd or 3rd place
  • "Yaay, not bad!" - When Peach wins 2nd or 3rd place in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games
  • "Oh yes! How nice! Lucky me!" - When Peach is in 1st place
  • "Sweet!" - When winning in Super Smash Bros. Brawl



  • Peach and Dr. Eggman have something important in common. Both had two different names outside Japan and in Japan. (Princess Toadstool and Princess Peach, Dr. Robotnik and Dr. Eggman) Currently, they are both used interchangeably (Peach in Super Mario 64, Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventure).

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